FreeFaucet LTD

Innovating Online Advertising With New Tech

FreeFaucet is an online advertising and advertisement research company. FreeFaucet offers a range of compelling advertisement formats for a technologically-minded audience.

PTC Advertising

PTC or Paid to Click advertising, is an advertising format which rewards the audience for their viewership and interaction. When someone views a PTC advertisement, they are redirected to another website and are timed on their visit duration. If the viewer successfully stays on the website for a specified period of time (usually 10 or so seconds), they receive the reward. Should the user leave the website before the required time has elapsed, the PTC advertisement technology can detect their absence and omit their reward.


Geofaucets are a new form of advertising that rewards the audience, contingent on the audience member's physical presence at a specified location. When someone visit a geofaucet's real-life location, they can scan a QR code, presented at the location. By scanning the geofaucet QR code, the person is rewarded in real-time for their presence at the location. Someone can visit a geofaucet once every twelve hours to receive a reward.

FreeFaucet Forum

The FreeFaucet forum is an advertising space / forum with 100,000+ members, all interested in new online tech. Publishers can create advertisements on the FreeFaucet forum and reward its viewers for accessing written and image content. When a FreeFaucet forum user accesses the advertisement, they receive a reward.